Red shoes with fiona

To avoid it at first
I danced and danced and danced
I put on my red shoes
And I danced away my pain
Spent all my money
And all my energy
On endless soirées
And countless liaisons.

Now I can no longer wear my red shoes
And no more can I dance
I face my sorrows head-on
Time for her to seep out of
The darkness, out of the damp
Clammy, sad part of my heart
Where she’s lay
Night after night
Dormant these past years
Whilst I danced and played.

Slowly edging her way out
I start to feel
Trickles of pain as she makes her escape
Up into my chest, scratching my throat
Memories are stirring
Lost connections and hopes
People, places and animals
A dream so silently woven
Was unraveled; unpicked
Dismantled; undone.

My sorrows run through me
Like a gentle trickling stream
A little at a time, she’s careful
Not to overwhelm me and my dreams
From stirring once more
Glimpsing hope again
While I let this water flow
Down my cheeks, onto my bed.

I face my sorrow now
No energy left to run away
My dance shoes in the cupboard
Who knows, perhaps again; one day?
No more will I pretend
This grief does not belong
It is mine after all;
I start to take her by the hand.

© Angela Dunning, 19 April 2015

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