I may be broken by your words
By your thoughts, by your deeds
I may be splintered into fragments
As I satiate your needs
I may be fragile and moody
Depressed and raw
I may be praying on my knees
“Give me hope”
“Hear my prayers”
I may be vulnerable to bullies
But I’ll tell you this straight:
Even though I’m broken down,
I will never break.

Left alone I start the task
Of dismantling that which has been
Of discarding the facade
Of a life lived so keen
To please and submit
To your every need
I cast off my skin
And let my flesh bleed
I cry over my bones
And I sing to the stars:
“Give me hope to stand tall
In this my dark hour”.

Slowly lifting my head
I gather the pieces
Cast aside the worn fragments
That I no longer need to hide
Sending out to the night
That which doesn’t feed
I restore my faith slowly
Piece by piece from the earth
From the birds and the trees
I slowly allow
My head to lift from my knees
Breathing in the fresh air
Of the breeze blowing past
I catch it and believe
Though I’m broken down now
I am never beyond repair.

© Angela Dunning, 19 April 2015

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