Photo credit Angela Dunning

Constant yet always different
A river is always there
A never failing presence
In the same location
Year after year
Yet it is also always different
In every moment
It has moved to a new location
And a new patch of water
Is before your eyes.

Sitting by a river
I realise suddenly
I don’t know where to look!
There is so much happening
New ripples and swirls
An ever changing light and dark
That falls and dances
On the water as she flows.

A bird, a duck
A fish or rat
A dragonfly, a heron
A kingfisher or swan.
All make their home in this watery expanse
A sudden new sound
Of a trout coming up for air
Or a brightly coloured bee
On his mission wizzing past.

It is both relaxing and engaging
To sit by a river for some time
Like a dear true friend
One that is always there
Yet never stops
Changing on their journey
They flow and they dance
Like the river at my feet
They are constant to the end.

© Angela Dunning 16 April 2015

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