Itchen River, Twyford
Itchen River, Twyford

Sitting on the river bank tonight
The river she sings a gentle refrain
A soft murmur, a gentle song
To match my melancholy mood
A single duck sits and waits
Just he and I for some time
He echoes back my solitude
All round us just empty space
As the sun dances her dance
Reveling in her prowess once more
Dazzling my eyes
Catching the light on all that she falls
A reflected leaf, some tall spiky grass
Even the brown earth seems to shine
As I sit and stare out
At this peaceful serene
Scene which is quiet
Even Heron feels safe
To catch my attention
At last he and I make our acquaintance
I knew he was there
But he waited as did I
For this pivotal day
As I wrench myself up
From my bed and malaise
I give thanks to the birds
The river and the trees
For holding me once more
One more day, yes perhaps.
© Angela Dunning, 6 April 2015


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