Two Connemarasme and grey

Grazing by the waterfall
The white horses of Leenane remain
Careless of all woes
Unaffected as they are
Peaceful, quiet and open
They wander from
Patch to patch
Seeking the next fresh bit of grass.

Nestled into the mountains
Beside the peaty brown waters
That rush down the hillside
Crashing over the rocks
To form the elegant falls
That catch the eye
And speak to the heart.

Suddenly the horses approach
Now curious, who are these new ones
In their small herd?
Standing, wide eyed and ears pricked
Gazing intently at us they ask their question.
Slowly the older one approaches
Leading the way for the youngster to dare
And be bold.

But it’s this youngster that’s captured my heart
Oh her eyes!
Blue as the sky
Against her pink, bare skin
An Albino Connemara
Her skin fragile, her eyes innocent
Slowly, slowly she edges nearer, feeling my draw.

Breathing into my belly, I stand softly and quiet
Opening my heart
As wide as I possibly can
I talk to her from my heart
“It’s okay, you can come.”
And so she does.

At first she’s clumsy
Pushing into my space
Testing me, where am I at
So I gently but firmly
Show her my limits
And convey still my love.

As I do so I can’t help ask
Why cannot I not do this
With the humans I meet too?
After a couple of tries
She’s got it, she’s young but wise
And softens she does
To rest now by my side.

Her head resting on mine
I lift my arm to her chest
Gently I caress then move to a scratch
Ah now she’s got it
She raises her head
Stretching her neck up to the sky
Relishing my willingness
To pleasure and play with my hand.

Now we rest and just stay
Her head over me
As I kneel I pray
Her eyes softly close
Her breath warming my soul
She seems transformed
A new way to be safe with a human.

The white horses of Leenane
Now are sleeping, just a few feet away
So safe do they feel
Blue eyes is lying flat under the sun
What a privilege it is to be
So accepted into their herd
To share their grassy bank
For a few hours by the waterfall
This past summer in Leenane.

© Angela Dunning, 28 March 2015

Sky Horse

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