The Ocean in My Heart


Not knowing where to start
Like a nervous bather
I dip a toe in at the water’s edge
Unsure of the depths I’m about to tread.

In my heart swims an ocean
Of compassion so deep
At times it takes my breath away
With its beauty and its pain.

Unfathomable waters with no end in sight
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed
Especially at the start.

The ocean in my heart it knows no end
Ever flowing around the land
It draws me in with each tide
Pulling me down to her depths
At first murky then clear.

A sea of emotion, of ancestry and sometimes fear
Whilst swelling my heart
All at once with such beauty
My eyes fill with tears
At the privilege to witness.

My compassion knows no bounds
Within this ocean in my heart.

© Angela Dunning, 23 February 2015