A Recipe for Growth

I heat the food of my Soul
She continually asks me to make
And cook the stuff of my dreams
To feed my heart
And my hunger to grow.

I turn it and churn it
Stew it and cook it
Dissecting each grain
Of matter as I pour
Over each morsel
A sauce of awareness and light.

I add water and stir
Turn up the fire and burn!
Through every dead piece
That’s seen its day
Time for a fresh dish now.

Cutting up, slicing through
Chopping and peeling
Dicing and slicing
Off the layers of dead skin
Of the snake buried within.

I heat the food of my Soul
Gently stirring within
No ready meals for me
With much patience
I grin and bear the slow process
Of my own recipe for growth
Which is just mine and no one else’s.

© Angela Dunning, 25 February 2015