Swan and river
If I were a river my waters would be clear and cool like the Test or the Itchen
In parts so clear you can see the bottom, in others so dark and murky; hiding my monsters
I would dance and sway around each curve in the land, with a sexy bend
I’d caress these banks, running this way then that
Leading your eye down my path as you stand, your gaze upon my back
My water flowing over my breasts, belly and thighs
My arms reaching out as I pass you by
Birds fly over my head, swans make their lives on my banks
Swimming in my essence, bringing up each new batch of grey-brown cygnets ’til they turn snowy white
Fish swim within me, otters, voles too and rat
When the sun beats down crystals shine on my back
Sparkling sun rays that catch your eye as you pass
Never ceasing to flow I keep moving onwards
On towards where I end, except I don’t of course
You see instead I just change into the mighty great sea
Into the Channel I run on out into infinity.

© Angela Dunning, 31 December 2014

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