Spider Thread Weaver

Like the spider
I weave my web
Round and round
Spinning each thread
Over and over
Gathering up each shred
And spinning a new yarn.

Creating my dreams
Connecting each thread
Of my life, old and new
Past and present
Killing what needs to die
Wrapping it tightly in my silk
Until it breathes life no more
Leaving me free to
Spin even more new thread.

Dreaming my Self into existence
My new web
Glistening in the sunlight
Sparkling in the morning dew
Capturing each moment anew

Grandmother Spider
I admire you so
Can I do as you do?
And work hard enough
But still go with the flow
Of what is and is not
To kill the debris
Just as you do?

© Angela Dunning, 9 January 2015