Sky Horse









If I were a beautiful white horse, I would run like the wind; gallop like the night
I would raise my tail as tall as my proud head
I would let my long legs run with all their might
My coal black eyes they would shine as pitch black as the night
My powerful neck arched, turning this way and that
I would prance and dance, rearing up to the sky
Then pounding down, turning left, then right.

If I were a beautiful, strong, fast white horse, I might raise in you a fright
Your breath taken aback at my sight, my speed and my might.
Yet, if I were such a white horse, I would let you ride on my back
Into your dreams I would leap, urging you up with a “let’s go” into night.

And if your heart was filled with a grief, that sometimes even you find it hard to know
I would stand by your side and gently on your hands I would blow
A soft warm wind to caress your deepest wounds
A silent witness bearing the deep darkness of your ground
As a tear it softly falls onto your hand and my neck
My head would bow lower in reverence of your ache.

If I were a white horse as a guide I would come
At the times most needed from deep in the night
You’d hear me like a drum
My hoof beats in your heart, my speed in your soul
As your body yearns for its freedom, together you and I are one.

© Angela Dunning, 26 December 2014

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