I race my way
Soon is not quick enough
Legs flailing
Arms swinging
My heart I have to clutch.

Over the beach
Across the sweet sand
I reach my point.

My legs no longer can bear
I fall to my knees
My arms swing down
My head bends low.

I kiss the rocky earth
I bow to my place of joy
I sink further down
Til I feel part of the ground
Like a rock that’s been there for ever
I am part of this land.

Donkeys grey as the stones
Horses white as the foam
I rock on my knees
With a soft gentle moan
“Oh Connemara I love you so
I have returned at last
To my home; to my soul.”

Just the wind now she sings
Gently in my ears
A taste of her music
Seems to match the beat of my heart.

The ocean she too is swirling
Calling for me now
She’ll let me first move in
Before rattling at my door
With her fearsome din.

Home, home, home now
My yearning it comes to pass
My dream is right in front of me
This earth I belong at last.

© Angela Dunning, 19 December 2014

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