My shoulders bear the burden
Of a love lost in dust
Of the weight held since birth
Of the lack in my heart
Of the hole in my belly.

My shoulders ache with the pain
Of too many “should’s” and “I must”
Of a life small and quiet
Of a voice silenced like rust.

My shoulders creak and moan
From the load slowing me down
From the goal seen but never found
From the dream losing its sheen.

My shoulders never let up
From an ache deep within
From the lack of warmth and love
From the few and far cuddles let in.

My shoulders now wearily try
To lift my Soul, one more time
To the sky I see
The ocean I dream.

My shoulders lead me on to
The sisters I need to embrace
The brothers I am ready to face and
The community where my heart aches
At home at last to my Soul-mates.

© Angela Dunning, 19 December 2014

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