I keep going, though the veil falls lower and the darkness creeps in, my heart shrinks in fear and my doubts seem to win.

I keep going, though my body wants to rest and my mind just wants to sleep. Inside I want to remain; alone and quiet.

I keep going, though my pain presses into my heart and every fibre of my body, no more, no more, I can’t take anymore.

I keep going, though my head tells me I’ve failed once more. I should quit, give up, forget all the good I have in my store.

I keep going, though I’ve run out of tears, I can’t cry anymore. My shattered heart can’t take another closed door.

I keep going, though I feel I’m wading through treacle and I slide back more than I advance; I simply can’t force the pace.

I keep going, though I’m tired of trying, I’m more tired of lying. I can see my vision – I can smell the horizon, creeping ever so softly near.

I keep going. I can endure. Many mountains I’ve climbed, many times have I fallen.

I keep going, though my pain is still real, I can feel it turning its wheel. Weaving itself into a new vest to keep me warm. Transforming me into a beautiful swan once more.

© Angela Dunning, 21 November 2014


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