Nature My Saviour

Tender garden, heart, poetry, personal growth, Angela Dunning, love, self care

Oh Nature my saviour
Every time
Without fail
You lift me back up
When I fall
When I’m down there again
On your gentle breeze
With your bountiful trees
Singing through their leaves
With your dancing butterflies
Caressing each bloom
Your birdsong brings me back
To my body
And the here and now
Your marvelous creatures
Drawing a steady smile once more
Upon my weary heart
Your majestic birds
Soaring in your skies
The flock of fledglings who graced
My porch on their way to a new life
Oh nature,
My saviour
Saving me every time
Without fail
Oh beautiful nature
I pray
That I can be your saviour too one day
And return the gift of life you give so endlessly to me.

Angela Dunning, 20th July 2018